Muzak against FIFA: Kick out World (Cup) Poverty

The Beautiful Gain (full version) by Chomsky Allstars

<a href="">The Beautiful Gain (full version) by Chomsky Allstars</a>

With the media’s gaze fixed on the soccer World Cup, Chomsky Allstars’ new single throws a harsh spotlight on South Africa’s attempts to ‚beautify‘ the country in the run-up to the tournament.

Tin Town – The story Behind The Beautiful Gain…

Tin Town – V.2 from Barefoot Workshops on Vimeo.


Shame on The Game by Creamy Ewok Baggends (Durban, South Africa)

Shame on The Game – EWOK – mp3 by Creamy Ewok Baggends

The Khulumani Support group is currently undertaking the prosecution of 5 major corporations complicit in supporting the Apartheid Government of South Africa during the struggle. These same companies are current investors in the FIFA World Cup. This track is part of a Hip Hop compilation being released in June 2010 to create awareness around this apparent lack of justice.

Mehr Informationen zur Situation in Südafrika und die Auswirkungen der WM

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